Amplify your strategy with
Competitor Research

Competitor analysis plays a key function for any business, learn valuable insights about your competitors as well as your company to identify potential gaps in the market, areas of high ROI and much more.
Amplify your strategy with Competitor Research

What is SEO competitor research?

Have you ever wondered how your website stacks up against competitors? We will analyse your website and your competitors to demonstrate the facts and figures of how you appear and rank vs. your competition. Whether it is local businesses or nationwide, we can give you insights to drive successful results on your marketing campaigns.

Why should I use this service?

Competitor analysis can give you essential insights into the industry as a whole. You will be surprised - your competition might not be who you think they are. By running this analysis, we can identify areas of the market which are saturated alongside areas of opportunity that you can develop into.

Unlock insights into your competitors:

Have you ever wondered what your competitors are up to or how you stand up against them? Unlock this valuable information with our competitor analysis service.

Traffic Analysis

Get stats and statistics on your competitors website traffic including number of visitors, traffic sources, organic vs paid traffic and much more!

Keyword gap

Get a full comparison of how your keywords rank compared to your competitors, what keywords you are missing and areas for improvement.

Backlink gap

We will provide you with a comprehensive list of amazing backlinking opportunities that you are able to include in your link-building strategy.

Organic Research

Wanting to get to the top of the search results? We can identify and show you what is working well for you and your competitors.

Domain Overview

Compare your growth trend over time, your domain and page authority and discover the top keywords that bring in the most traffic.

Ad Analysis

Get a deep dive of your competitors and the ads they are currently running on search engines, or on social media such as Meta (Facebook).

How does it work?

We like to keep things as simple as we can, so we will develop this report in a digestible format that anyone can understand, we will also explain it all in a meeting so you can unlock the full potential of this service and apply this knowledge to your business strategy.

1. Discovery Meeting

Initially, we will setup a meeting with you to discuss the outcome you would like to see from this report, what questions you might have and if there is anything you would like a focus on. Once this is complete, we move onto the analysis stage.

2. Competitor Analysis

It is time to do a deep dive on you and your competition, this part can take a little while for us to perform, especially if the brands are e-commerce with a lot of products.

3. Delivering the report

Finally, we will schedule a meeting with you to go through the results. We believe this is important to maximise the understanding of it and how you can best leverage that information in your future business plans.

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